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Restorative dentistry
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When it comes to dentistry, there are many procedures that can restore the functionality of your teeth, while also improving your smile’s aesthetic appeal. At our Helensvale practice, we offer a wide range of Restorative dentistry services to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Restoring Your Smile to Perfection

Our dentists are skilled in a range of services. These include the following:

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Strengthening Weak Teeth
If a tooth has extensive damage or decay, a crown may be required. Dental crowns protect and strengthen the tooth, while also improving its appearance. Our dental professionals use high-quality materials, such as porcelain, to create crowns that look and feel like your natural teeth.
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Do you wish you could turn back the clock and restore what’s missing? If you’re in need of dental implants, we can help. Implants are an ideal solution for missing teeth, since they look and feel just like a natural tooth. Even better, they’re rooted into your mouth, meaning they’re not going anywhere.
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Full & Partial Dentures

Restoring Your Smile. Dentures are a popular solution for those who have lost all or some of their teeth. Our dental professionals work with you to create a custom set of full or partial dentures that look and feel great. Dentures help restore your smile and improve your ability to eat and speak comfortably.
Full Mouth Restorations

Full Mouth Restorations

If you’ve suffered widespread dental damage, we can help reverse the clock. Our full mouth restorations build your teeth back up to what they were before, improving your oral health, feel, and function and giving you a brilliant smile you’ll want to keep showing off.
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Dental bridges

Dental bridges are an effective solution for replacing missing teeth. Using a dental bridge we can restore the function and appearance or your smile.

Let’s Restore Your Smile!

At our practice, we understand that each person’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and create a custom plan of care tailored just for you. Don’t wait any longer to restore your smile. Schedule a consultation with us today!

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