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Have you ever considered whether dentures might be right for you? This affordable option is a great fit for patients who need to replace multiple teeth but aren’t suitable for implants or bridges. We may also recommend dentures as a temporary replacement before you’re ready for implants or a full mouth rehabilitation.

Personalising Your Dental Solution

Whether we recommend a full or partial replacement depends on how many teeth you’re missing. Our approach at Breeze Dental is to help you keep your teeth as long as possible. We’ll try to avoid a full denture unless it’s necessary. Even if you only have three or four teeth left, we’d rather equip you with a partial denture while protecting the health of your remaining teeth.

We always treat on a case-by-case basis, evaluating the total picture of your oral health before we make our recommendation.

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What to Expect

The process involves a few appointments as we take impressions, then have you come in for second impressions using a specialised tray that fits the exact shape of your mouth. From there, we’ll take your bite and match the shade of your teeth. Dentists Dr Wong and Dr Yew pay attention to every last detail as we build the right fit and look to make sure you get the result you want.

After that, we’ll do a try-in using the filling work to make sure you’re satisfied with the fit. Once you’re sure you’re happy with this model, we construct the denture from start to finish using our scans. Our office features advanced scanners that are great for people with small mouths or unique cases, or for those who want their dentures straightaway.

Don’t worry about your denture falling out when you’re eating. Patients with partial dentures can chew naturally, and full dentures don’t fall out. You’ll have to learn to use a different set of muscles than you’re used to as you eat, chew, and talk, but your new mouth will soon feel normal as you adapt to a whole new smile.

Note: Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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