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At Breeze Dental, we’re pleased to have helped numerous people in our community achieve a look that they’re proud to show off. If you’re wondering about the results you can get from our many solutions, take a look through our before and after cases below.

Direct Veneers before 1Direct Veneers after 1

Direct Veneers

This patient was concerned about his worn front teeth breaking down.
Direct veneers were placed to restore the shape of teeth and biting function.
He is now more confident to smile and looks years younger!

Ceramic Veneers

This patient was unhappy about her dark front tooth and crooked teeth.
Ceramic veneers were placed on the six front teeth to achieve a straighter smile and more evenly shaped teeth.
She was extremely pleased with the immediate beautiful result, achieved without braces.

ceramic veneers before1ceramic veneers after1
implants before1implants after1

Implants, Crowns and Bridges

This patient was always embarrassed to smile because of her teeth. She wanted to look better for her son’s wedding.

With some planning, we placed a combination of crowns and bridges to balance out the size and shape of her teeth.

She was thrilled when everyone complimented her teeth at the wedding, now she no longer worries about her denture falling out when she talks!

Ceramic Veneers

This patient realised her teeth had become shorter and more yellow after having reflux and bulimic issues. She wanted to bring her teeth back to their original size and shape after successfully treating her medical condition.
Six ceramic veneers were placed to restore the natural form of her teeth.

She is now in a healthier and more confident state, not having to worry too much about her appearance.

veneers before1veneers after1
veneers 2 beforeveneers 2 after

Ceramic Veneers & Teeth Whitening

Our busy patient disliked the gaps between her front teeth, but she did not have time for braces or aligner treatment.

We gave her 4 ceramic veneers after an in-office whitening visit.

The outcome was so natural that we couldn’t tell the veneers from the other teeth! She was definitely blown away with the outcome!

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